2021 Event Information

Team Registration is Closed- WA Statewide Envirothon Competition

The Washington State Envirothon is an annual natural resources competition in which high school youth demonstrate their knowledge and problem-solving skills on the topics of aquatic ecology, forestry, soils/land use, and wildlife.  

With last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19, the Washington State Envirothon committee is looking forward to this year’s competition and have made accommodations to support remote and hybrid teaching. To best ensure the health and safety of all involved,  Envirothon 2021 will be a statewide virtual competition with no regional competitions or in-person field days.  

Questions about the competition? Check out our Envirothon 101 for Teachers webinar recording to learn more about what it takes to be an adviser for an Envirothon team.

When is the WA State Envirothon Competition? 
The competition is virtual and will be held on May 17-21, 2021. All participating teams will join a closing ceremony where the winner will be announced. Teams will receive more information on their schedule 2-3 weeks ahead of the competition.

Are you a 2021 WA State Envirothon Team?

What study resources are available for Envirothon Teams?  
For online and study resources for teams, please reference the Aquatic EcologyForestry, Soils and Land Use, and Wildlife Resources pages.

Why participate in Envirothon?  
The fun and competitive spirit of Envirothon motivates teams to learn about real-world environmental problems and solutions. Natural resource experts design and administer competition tests and activities. 
Team members get the opportunity to meet experts in natural resource management and learn about careers in the environmental field while competing. Today’s Envirothon team members will become tomorrow’s natural resource and conservation leaders.  

The Washington State Envirothon champion team wins the opportunity to participate in the virtual 2021 NCF Envirothon competition held in July. Find more information on the NCF-Envirothon competition here.