Envirothon Team Trainings & Webinars

Below are some recommended events to help Envirothon teams prepare for the upcoming competition. These events are also great opportunities for high school students to learn more about careers in the natural resource management field and meet professionals.

South Puget Sound Envirothon 2022 Workshop Series:

South Puget Sound Envirothon is hosting free virtual 60-90 minute workshops in March for all regional Envirothon participants & high school students. Prepare for the competition & learn about environmental science topics from natural resource experts. This is a unique opportunity for Envirothon teams to learn about topics covered in the Envirothon competition and learn more about future careers in the environmental science field. These sessions are open for all high school students to join, whether or not they are participating in Envirothon this year.

Workshop 1: Wildlife-Slater Museum of Natural History
March 12, 2022- 2:00-3:00PM
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The staff at Slater Museum of Natural History will host a virtual workshop going over wildlife identification skills. They will showcase some of their vast collection of museum specimens, and how these resources are helpful in studying wildlife, what you can learn from specimens, and trends in wild populations that are evident in these collections. Register for this workshop here.

Workshop 2- Reducing Waste in Pierce County Washington- Pierce County Environmental Educators
March 16, 2022- 4:30-6:00PM

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Ryan Misley and Mary Coleman, Environmental Educators with Pierce County Planning and Public Works, will highlight Pierce County’s material management system and demonstrate local approaches to the 4 Rs-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot(composting)-to reduce the amount of waste disposed at the local landfill. Register for this workshop here.

Recordings of Past Training Sessions

Find recordings of past WA State Envirothon Meet the Professionals Training Sessions below:

2022 Trainings

2021 State Trainings