Aquatic Ecology Resources

The following topics will probably take longer than an hour to learn about but are important to know:

Water quality parameters and how to measure them:
pH, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), flow
Dissolved oxygen as a function of temperature
-What affects dissolved oxygen levels- Slide 2

-Anatomy, tolerance levels, adaptations, roles, ID, effect of sediment
What are macros?
Visual guide to common macroinvertebrates
Macroinvertebrate ID- What differentiates the species? Number of legs? number of tails? What species are sensitive? Somewhat tolerant? Tolerant? What does that mean about stream health?
Creek Critters: Adaptations for Aquatic Life (video)

-Five species of Pacific salmon, seven species of Pacific Salmonoids, lifecycle, anatomy. Vocabulary: anadromous and kype
Salmon facts
The 5 Types of Pacific Salmon in British Columbia Waters
How do you remember them? Use your 5 fingers
Meet the 7 species of Pacific Salmon (From the above link Salmon facts: Steelhead and cutthroat trout were recently added to the salmon genus, Oncorhynchus, from the trout genus, Salmo.)
Salmon Anatomy
Salmon Lifecycle (video)

If you have more time to study:

Riparian plants
-ID, benefits- pages 1-11

Stormwater pollution
-Agricultural runoff, point source and non-point source pollution, algae blooms
-Improving water quality and sustainable farming practices
Protecting water quality from agricultural runoff
Point source vs. nonpoint source pollution

Invasive species and Noxious weeds
Invasive species in Washington state
Noxious Weed List

Benefit of Wetlands
Wetland functions and values

Additional topics:

Signs of a healthy river

Meandering stream v channelized stream – effects of channelization and benefits of meandering streams

-Definition of watershed
What is a Watershed Illustration (video)

Water distribution

What is groundwater? (video)

Online Activities

Washington River and Stream Flow Monitoring— Department of Ecology and USGS

Snohomish Salmon Story Map— Estuary & Salmon Restoration Program

Macroinvertebrate Identification Key— Stroud Water Research Center

The Waterfront: Diving into Water Quality Story Map— Washington State Department of Agriculture

What is a Watershed?— Youtube Video

SalmonScape Tool– Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Dichotomous Key Macroinvertebrates–Merrit-Cummins

Macroinvertebrates Flashcards–Snohomish Conversation District


Aquatic Invasive Species— WDFW

Riparian Buffer Zones— Washington Forest Protection Association

Watershed Information— King County

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Presentation–Creek Connections

Aquatic Ecology Presentation–Marion Soil and Water Conservation

Aquatic Ecology Vocabulary-– NCF-Envirothon