Forestry Resources

If you have 1 hour to study, we recommend focusing on:

-Pacific Northwest native trees and shrubs ID
Trees of Washington’s Forests
Five Pacific Northwest Native Shrubs
Practice Native WA Tree ID

Invasive Species

Leaf Types

How do trees grow? (video)

Cross section of a tree
Tree Cookies-Idaho Forest Products Commission

Forestry tools and their uses

If you have 2 hours to study, we recommend focusing on:

-How to measure trees:
Measuring tree volume (video)
What is a board foot?
Measuring DBH (Diameter at Base Height) – video
Merchantable height
“Stand replacement” forest fires and wildfire management (video)

-A Geographic Guide: Native Tree of the Pacific Northwest

If you have 3 hours to study, we recommend focusing on:

Washington State Forest Practice Laws-Read FAQ page 12

Vegetation Management: Reforestation, Restoration, Silviculture
Silviculture and Forestry Presentation: Nebraska Envirothon & Nebraska Forest Service

How plants carry food

Layers of a forest (video)

WSU Extension Forestry Resources 

Urban Forested Natural Areas– Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science

Tree Physiology PowerPoint— WSU Extension