Support Ride-A-Thon for Envirothon

Team Floyd (John and his wife) is doing the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route!

John Floyd has a passion for natural resource conservation and education and now he has an opportunity for you to show your passion too!

Team Floyd is going on a long-distance, off-road bike tour from border to border in support of the Washington State Envirothon. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is the world’s longest off-pavement cycling route and goes from Banff, Alberta, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, US and is approximately 2,700 miles long. Following the Continental Divide as closely as practicable and crossing it 30 times, about 90% of the GDMBR is on unpaved roads and trails. By route’s end a thru-rider will climb nearly 200,000 feet of vertical (equivalent to summiting Mount Everest from sea-level 7 times). The route is unmarked and circuitous, requiring navigational skill. It travels through remote backcountry in grizzly and mountain lion habitat. Intervals between services are frequently 100+ miles and demand calculated food/water resupply. Riders must also find shelter each night or bivouac trailside. In minutes the Rockies’ dynamic mountain weather can wreak havoc on route surfaces, skewing even the most near-term travel projections.

Team Floyd will start their journey on the Great Divide Route starting at the southern city of Antelope Wells in New Mexico on the US-Mexico border and travel north through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana to end at the international border crossing at Port of Roosville, Montana on the US-Canada border. His ride will encompass over 2,500 miles. He will travel through a variety of terrain and geographic features. Colorado’s Indiana Pass, at 11,913 feet (3630 meters), is the highest point on the route. He will encounter isolated river valleys, mountain forests, wide open grasslands, and high desert. There are some larger towns on route, including Helena and Butte, Montana; Pinedale and Rawlins, Wyoming; Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, Salida, and Del Norte, Colorado; and Grants and Silver City, New Mexico. Otherwise, only extremely small towns will be encountered, limiting the variety of goods and services available. John’s wife will be following in the camper and provide the support for John.

The anticipated start date for John’s journey is April 30, 2017. He anticipates riding approximately 50 miles a day so it should take about 50 days of riding to complete. He will take the journey in sections starting at the southern end of the Route because of potential snow that time of year in the more northern passes. He will travel up through New Mexico into Colorado. Cumbers Pass (10,022 feet) is the first pass after entering Colorado and there still could be snow but the plan is to make it at least to Platoro. There are three other passes he must travel through in Colorado that will still be snowed-in at that time and he will come back to them later in the summer.  They will go to Wyoming on their second leg of the journey and travel down into Colorado and start again up in Montana and travel south for their last section of the Route. They anticipate being completed with the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route by the end of July.

Team Floyd is asking for you to show your support and passion for natural resource conservation by making pledges and donations to the Washington State Envirothon.  John will be working hard out on the trail to show everyone what he’s willing to do for conservation education. Take a moment and donate to show your support!

100% of all pledges and donations go directly to the Washington State Envirothon. Team Floyd will not receive any funding.  Pick up a postcard and pledge per mile, per day, or make any donation you like. We’ll keep you posted on where Team Floyd is at, what John had to ride through, how many miles he went, and other crazy issues he may have dealt with. Check out the Facebook page, GoFundMe website, WA State Envirothon website, and other participating District websites for more information.

GO TEAM FLOYD! Support their efforts here:


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